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Make a 

We are an NGO working on medical research

We are a charitable NGO founded by a group of Doctors based in Kerala, India aiming to change the health of our society.

Join our team to make a difference


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About the CAMPAIGN

            It is our plea to donors in India and the rest of the world to support people affected due to COVID surge in India, particularly in Kerala. Our campaign is to raise funds for the people of Kerala, a city of 3.4 crores population in the Northern part of Kerala in India. A large section of the population in Kerala have lost access to livelihood and social safety nets due to the extended lockdown period. This has resulted in an economic crisis alongside the second wave, leading to no wages, hunger, and increased risk for non-COVID illnesses.

Why we need your SUPPORT

            Alongside the support necessary for immediate needs such as oxygen generators and ventilators, it is essential to direct resources towards caring for those whose family members have been impacted by COVID, and those who are facing economic and health crises as a result of the current situation. While a lot of resources have been directed towards big cities, the second wave has had a massive impact on smaller cities and rural India, where the scale of the crisis is not being sufficiently addressed. This seemingly uncritical part of the current crisis and its indirect impacts adds to the pressure on the already overstretched Public Health and social infrastructure in Kerala. It also increases the challenges faced by those caring for COVID-affected friends and family, and places their health at risk.


                    The procurement of vaccination is primarily being addressed by the local government agencies. A parallel effort is needed to vaccinate the eligible population through awareness and making it safe for people to come out for their second dose.

What we are Doing

                     We are providing essential relief-based support to those impacted by the pandemic and lockdown. We are focused on supporting those directly and indirectly affected by this crisis - issues of non-COVID illnesses, hunger caused by lockdowns and loss of income, stress faced by caregivers, and lack of connectivity to essential medicines, healthcare, and vaccines due to lockdowns and panic.

What will you SUPPORT ?

               We have identified five important areas of support that are not easily available through government aids or civic organizations in Kerala. Your contribution will be utilized to show care and solidarity through providing the following support -   

Food distribution/Cooked meals

Sending cooked meals to people fighting & suffering from COVID and their attenders; Free distribution of food to the homeless and locations where daily wage laborers are commonly found. Organize & distribute cooked meals for daily wage laborers, roadside dwellers, and abandoned people with disabilities. TOC Foundation has identified multiple locations in Kerala where the population in need can be found.


                     We are a team of doctors who have founded this NGO based in Kerala - TOC Foundation. Volunteers from our networks have been extending support to people on-ground. Since the pandemic in 2020, we have joined with other NGOs and the district administration to organize relief packages, led COVID awareness initiatives & testing campaigns, distributed masks, provided travel support to migrant workers, medical help and medicines to women, children & elderly, and trained volunteers from across the district to support this work.

To take our objective a step further, we have begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise 5,00,000 for the COVID Relief.


We are a team of doctors working hard to meet our objective of transforming lives. But we can’t do that without you. Join us in helping millions with your generosity.



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